Our Red Wing and Irish Setter Collection

~ Below are the Styles of Red Wing and Irish Setters we stock In Store...

Special Ordering is also available.

~  Give Us a Call at 765-630-8247 to Check Price and Availability or to Place an Order. 



Style 2240 6" Composite Toe and Waterproof  

Style 2243 6" Red Wing Composite Toe and Waterproof 


Style 83640 6" Irish Setter Composite Toe and Waterproof


 Style 83644 Irish Setter 6" Composite Toe with Met Guard 

Irish Setter 83644


Style 4421 Red Wing 6" Composite Toe

Metatarsal Guard 

red wing 4421


Style 5491 Worx Steel Toe with Metatarsal Guard 

worx 5491


Style 83666 Irish Setter 6" Steel Toe 

Irish Setter 83666

Style 4200 8" Red Wing Steel Toe & Waterproof 

Style 2272 11" Pull On Waterproof, Steel Toe and Made In The USA

Style 1172  Soft Toe Version of 2272

Style 83912 Irish Setter 11" Pull On Steel Toe and Waterproof 


Style 83906 Irish Setter 11" Pull On Waterproof, Steel Toe with a Vibram Sole